Leaves a-Fall-ing

A lone oak leaf at the very end of the branch

There was ice in the bird bath this morning. a blanket of frost coated the lawn, and the thermometer in back of the house showed about 28 degrees. A lone oak leaf clung to the farthest end of the skinniest branch on the tree in our front yard.

I guess it’s time to stock up on ice melt and windshield de-icer, and maybe buy that snow thrower we’ve been thinking about. Or we could wait.Read more

Round Barn of Terror

A Good Witch and her pet mummy entertain young ladies waiting their turn through the Round Barn of Terror
Friday night at it seemed like the thing to do was sample a haunted house. After all, it’s Halloween season, and we do live near a ghost-town (Gettysburg, Pa.).

So off we went, a friend with her five-year-old Alex and I with the seven-year-old, almost eight, granddaughter Ari.Read more

Off the interstate, into history …

Ivy covers the gray stone walls of Gray Towers, Gifford Pinchot's childhood summer home.
At about the mid-point of a 450-plus mile journey home, we crossed the Delaware River westbound from Port Jervis, N.Y., to Matamoros, Pa. ate at the Perkins, and decided to see whether there might be less expensive gasoline if we followed U.S. 6 for a bit. We found the less expensive gas, but the real treasure was on the way uphill from the center of Milford back to the interstate.Read more

Castle Craig

Sometimes you’re tooling up the highway, wondering why the GPS told you to go that way, when something appears that makes you want to get off the road and see what it’s doing there.Read more

Recycling can be a bother, but …

What always has bothered me about the formal, “citified” recycling is the preparation. Back in the day if you wanted to flatten a bunch of cardboard, you turned the kids loose.Read more

Brother-in-Law Effect

When I was in the Navy, there was a commonly held belief that many requirements, especially if they required spending money to replace something with which the only thing wrong was it wasn’t the new thing, were caused by the “Brother-in-Law Effect. Read more

Visit to a multi-market

My wife and I visited Morningstar Marketplace Saturday.

We hadn’t been since at least last year, but I have a back pack that lost a clip on its waist strap, and I remembered there was a display at that particular market that probably would have it.Read more

for Alivia, thanks

Sign on walker's back says In Honor of Alivia
Sunday, September 11, 2010 —

I went for a walk this morning, with a couple hundred other men, women and children out for a three-mile stroll Read more

A herd of turtles

more than 30 turtles wait at the edge of a pond to be fed.
I’ve often heard the phrase, “We’re off like a herd of turtles.” The idea, I guess, is that we’re not going to be in a big hurry — another version of my mother’s special sarcasm, as in we’re about to be late for church and us kids are just coming downstairs to the car and Mom says, “ Can you kids move any slower.”

But I’d never actually seen a herd of turtles — until one day on Hatteras, one of the barrier islands protecting the coast of North Carolina.Read more

Hatteras: more than a line on a map

Black and white spiraling stripes mark Hatteras Light in the setting sun
For the weeks leading up to the trip, I would tell people I was going to Hatteras. When I got there, I wasn’t even near it.

The islands don’t look like much on a map, and in many places, they’re not — barely wider than the two-lane road known as Route 12.Read more

Promises to a small child

A child hold my hand and searches for the biggest wave
We stop at the entrance to the beach, a couple miles south of Salvo on Highway 12, where the sign says four-wheel drive recommended, lower tire pressure to 20 pounds or less. I pull the shift into 4WD-Lo and head out for the Jeep’s first time on a beach.Read more

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