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Space: the limitless frontier

The needlelike nose of a Spacex rocket points toward space from Cape Canaveral.Sometimes I like to simply sit still and try not to move – to look up into space and ponder the stars.

Light travels really quickly. As a youngster, I discovered, while standing at the edge of a lake, that I could see a man splitting maple for his winter fire, about a half-mile distant on the opposite shore, swing a sledgehammer, and a short time later hear the hammer hit the steel wedge he used to split a maple log. Even at that distance, the disparity between the speed of light and the speed of sound was easily measurable, though at my then young age it was merely a curiosity.

I look “up” into the night sky and look at light reflected from stars so far away some of them have not existed for millions, maybe billions, of years.

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